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Digital MATV Solutions

If you are receiving your digital television signal from a community or shared antenna system, it is up to the body corporate of the complex to ensure the digital signal is a pass for high definition digital television. Click Here for more information.

Digital Foxtel Upgrades

First, it’s important to note that ‘analogue’ quality Foxtel signals are no longer acceptable.

If your TV distribution system still operates on the analogue signal, Click Here to request a free inspection and upgrade your building to digital now.

Digital TV Restack, The Simulcast and Retuning your TVs

On the 28th October, 2014 all TVs will need to be retuned to suit the new standards. Most buildings will also need to upgrade their hardware to accommodate this.

Question: How many residents and guests will be watching TV in your complex on 28th October this year? And how many of them will be unhappy about waiting days or a week without any television at all?

It costs nothing to get your building inspected. Our technical engineers will inspect the current hardware you have now, and give you options and information on what your building needs to go through to get your system past the restack.

The Simulcast is allowing this work to be completed now and over the next 8 weeks until the switch-off. This simulcast allows for the changing of hardware before the Restack date, so that your building breezes through with no downtime.

Call 1800 599 699 now or Click Here to contact us today for a free inspection.

Brocky’s TV InstallationsBrocky's TV Antenna

TV Antennas for Residential Houses.

Do you need your TV system setup, tuned and connected?

Brocky’s TV is your local TV Antenna and TV installation experts. Call Brocky’s TV on 1800 588 688 or Click Here to visit their website.


Are you are still experiencing TV problems? Download, print and complete the form below.

Submit this to your resident manager or body corporate representative. Be as descriptive as possible. Inquire with other residents if they are having the same trouble and get them to submit their own form as well.

We are here to help at BTV Solutions and we are specialists in this area and offer a 4-hour Response time. Don’t put it off until the last minute.
You can contact us by clicking here or call 1800 599 699.

Download our Reception Problem form by clicking here.

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