At BTV Solutions our team is focussed on becoming the market leader by consistently exceeding our Client’s expectations, by providing the best of technology solutions available today and tomorrow. We will clearly communicate with, and learn from our Clients, in order to improve our products and service. By keeping on top of the latest technology, no matter how fast it moves, we will ensure our Clients are experiencing the best of everything possible.

Our aim is to continually provide the most innovative, reliable and cost-efficient Audio & Visual Solutions available to today‚Äôs commercial market and while maintaining a strong and reliable reputation for the residential sector. We strive to “Be the best for the benefit of our clients, employees, suppliers, peers and shareholders” and are committed to providing systems that work time after time, and staff that surpass competency levels to reflect our expertise.

We are a market-focused, process-centred organisation that develops and delivers effective solutions to our Clients. We consistently outperform our peers, produce predictable earnings for our investors, and provide a dynamic and challenging environment for our employees. We are a proud company, with an experienced background and a promising future; we are driven by our passion to remain at the cutting edge of innovation & project logistics.